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Issues/Discussion [6]

Sexual Harassment Aside, Let's Talk About The Culture Of Bullying
If harassment is the gatekeeper then bullying is the keymaster. The two are inextricably linked, and it is a problem that is inherent in every production office from the UK to Hollywood. In the same way that actresses suffer horrific sexual harassment to carve out a career for themselves, production staff are enduring months and months of verbal abuse to achieve the same objective..
More than 60 children a day calling Childline with suicidal thoughts
NSPCC reports 15% rise in calls to children’s helpline as concerns grow over long waiting times for mental health services.
Government Unable To Answer ‘Basic Questions’ On Mental Health
Luciana Berger has submitted hundreds of questions to the Government in an attempt to discover how seriously it is taking the challenge of mental health problems in the UK.
Societal Illusions that we accept as Reality
A lot of the world we see around us is an illusion. If you take any piece of solid matter and put it under a microscope it loses its solidity. If you take a look at the colour spectrum, what we see compared to what actually exists is miniscule.
58 Cognitive biases that screw up everything we do
The study of how often human beings do irrational things was enough for psychologists Daniel Kahneman to win the Nobel Prize in Economics, and it opened the rapidly expanding field of behavioral economics. Similar insights are also reshaping everything from marketing to criminology


Meet the overwhelmed psychiatrist in the world’s happiest country
Bhutan is dubbed the world’s last Shangri-La,’ but mental disorders are on the rise and Dr. Chencho Dorji can only do so much.
Ideas/Solutions [8]

Scientists Rarely Admit Mistakes. A New Project Wants to Change That.
What are researchers to do when they lose confidence in their previously published work? A new project seeks to offer them an outlet..
Something Extraordinary Is Happening in the World, And Most People Haven't Noticed

How Not to Be Offended
In order to truly be a master of this art, one must be able to see that every statement, action and reaction of another human being is the sum result of their total life experience to date.
What is Emergent Thinking?
If we took a much more supple view of how the world actually works, we wouldn’t spend all our time trying to break everything apart to study the details.
Key difference between the "Age of Me" and the "Age of We"

A neuroscientist explains: Trump has a mental disorder that makes him a dangerous world leader

Stop saying Trump has a mental disorder
There’s an article going around titled “A neuroscientist explains: Trump has a mental disorder”
Byron Katie
The Work of Byron Katie is a way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause all the anger, fear, depression, addiction, and violence in the world.
Fun Theory
The Fun Theory - an initiative of Volkswagen. This is one of a series of experiments for a new brand campaign of VW. Have a look - the piano stairs are really funny. Fun can obviously change behaviour for the better.




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