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Our glorious past is what we remember. The brutality behind it we’ve forgotten
When we choose we can relive 1066, yet we have wilful amnesia about the shameful events of our recent history.
Term-Time Holidays: Jon Platt Wins Appeal Against Fine In Landmark High Court Ruling
A dad has won his appeal against term-time holiday fines in a landmark High Court ruling, which could determine if parents are able to take their children out of school for a holiday.
Government drops plan to make all schools in England academies
Abrupt U-turn is welcomed by Tory-led local authorities critical of original plan to force blanket conversion by 2022
Everyone should know who owns the press – for the sake of our democracy
Everyone agrees that newspapers play a crucial role in British democracy, even if they disagree what that role is.<
The problem with education? Children aren't feral enough
The 10-year-old Londoners I took to Wales were proof that a week in the countryside is worth three months in a classroom

English children among the unhappiest in the world at school due to bullying
Violence and poor relationships with teachers puts English children 14th out of 15 countries surveyed for happiness at school as charity calls for action
More parents in England prosecuted for taking children out of school
Imposition of ban on term-time holidays blamed for rise in number of parents in England taken to court for failing to ensure their children attend school.
I am 16 and the education system is destroying my health
The pressure put on today's young people is immense. All we are learning is that our best isn't good enough and that one bad test makes you a failure.
UK graduates are wasting degrees in lower-skilled jobs
Over-qualification has reached saturation point, meaning money invested in education is being wasted and young people are crippled by debt, report warns
I Don't Want to Be Right
"One thing he learned early on is that not all errors are created equal. Not all false information goes on to become a false belief that is, a more lasting state of incorrect knowledge and not all false beliefs are difficult to correct."
Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught?
Something we now know, from doing dozens of studies, is that emotions can either enhance or hinder your ability to learn, Marc Brackett, a senior research scientist in psychology at Yale University, told a crowd of educators at a conference last June. They affect our attention and our memory. If you're very anxious about something, or agitated, how well can you focus on what's being taught?




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