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Sunday, October 20, 2019


GINI : the Good Ideas Network Initiative is a project researching & developing personal/community psychology and human management systems from a collaborative and "solution" based perspective using 'Collaborative Intelligence'.
As the established systems and philosophies cease to manage or understand that which they have given rise to, so we need to reboot, reform and remember.
This is a project about good ideas, the essential nature of needs, the power of collaboration and the intelligent use of resources. And many other things.

We owe our existence and continued existence to 'nature' and we believe that we need to rediscover what that actually means as much from the view of our essential needs as how we assess our actions and consequences within a natural order that, apart from only ourselves, lives and evolves in an amazingly intelligent, functional, sustainable and evolving process.

As a race we have seen our essential needs, and those of nature, be comporomised by succeding waves of vested interests that not only leave us disenfranchised but also create accumulated ignorance and conditioning within the collective mind.  This affects everyone, rich or poor.

We have wound our way to a crossroads of opportunity and have as much potential to significantly evolve as we do to significantly undermine our ability to survive, even though either direction may be classed as part of evolution.

GiNi's mission is to facilitate a journey back to the source of what we are, what we need, what we deserve and how we reconnect to make that happen.
Nature provides us with everything we need to live in abundance and reflects an intelligence of design through which we can potentially understand who we are, what potential we have and how through intelligent use of the gifts we are given, how we could be living sustainably in a way that maintains the source of our own life, nature.
We are initiating discussions and projects to maximize our potential, how we share and use 'our' resources and importantly, how we manage the means by which we make sense out of any and all of it, our mind.

There is no shortage of good ideas but the sharing and utilization of them is not well facitlitated or is limited by vested interest, ages of accumulated habit or any other reasons (that we will discover as the project unfolds). 

We are also aware that there are a great many established and emerging intiatives that already exist or are emerging and we are interested in how good ideas are shared and particularly the quality and evolution of sustainable ways forward, scommunity and social welfare,  and resilient communication in a world that has been more concerned with the accumulation of wealth and power than utilising the emormous resources of all kinds, that as we seem to have forgotten belong to us all, to benefit us all.


1) a constantly evolving organism

The creation of an optimum growth 'matrix' that maintains a minimum operational structure with a resilient question/feedback response-ability that assumes it's own evolution is essential and researches and utilizes every means to keep improving through the best ideas available

Evolution by design; self sustaining


2) facilitating a network of ideas, unique perspectives and collaborative projects focused on and optimizing intelligent solutions to all key areas of existence.

Evolution through collaboration; networking and assimilation of multiple sources of intelligence


3) Researching, understanding and working with the inner aspects of the human mind, how to maximize individual potential, innate and diverse abilities, developmental processes and mental health. Radical honesty, Enquiry and foundations of personal response-ability.

Evolution through inner understanding and restructuring


4) Researching, studying, discussing and working with information accuracy and anomalies, the gap between reality and rhetoric, vested interest, education and the psychology of attitude, opinion, needs and addiction.
Ideas and initiatives that facilitate truth, honesty and representative models of structure and community government.

Evolution through the understanding of human development and community, interest and psychological and environmental influence.


5) Understanding our relationship and alignment with nature. Seeing Nature as the teacher of what we need to know in order to live harmoniously, stay healthy and resonate within the energy that unites all things in a complexity of interdependence that human 'authorities' have shown they have little understanding of.

Evolution through understanding that which gave birth to us and which we depend on to exist.




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