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Advisory: this is an experimental space. What is here evolves, gets questioned, gets updated and will be doing that for some time as collaboration brings a uniques perspective wiuth every new individual that steps in.  What is emerging and what is forming in the essence and most simple but effective form of what is at the heart of this initiative. What we can be certain about as the absolutely essential components in order to have a foundation to work from.  

What are the core components of this Project

This project is about reconnection, relationship, community and accessing potential.
The roots of seperation, control and domination through fear and force are deep and destructive to the natural fabric of human needs and potential. Exploring the causes, the deep conditionaing and normalisation of this seperation and the imbalance between the male and female archetypal forces that only truly flow when they are in balance, has been a long, fascinating and often uncomfortable journey. 
What we are unfolding here is what has come out, and what continues to, of this journey.  The components of reconnection and an exploration of some of the resources that are now available and continue to develop that are so timely and so valuable to this process of reconnection.

Normalised seperation creates systemic weakness and corresponding responses to maintain equilibrium.  People need to feel they are connected, in control, able and successful, it is part of our survival and als our need to feel comfortable and fulfilled.  With systemic imbalance and weakness being normalised, we then supress all that we don't register and act as if everything is ok.  Consequently we don't prioritise or develop connective skills, instead we devlop coping mechanisms and various types of comfort to offset what in reality is a lack of connection, but we have normalised to being just the way things are or, some one else's fault or problem.
The process of recognising this, bringing awarness to it and re-learning how to connect and collaborate with confidence is a first step back to what we are designed to do, and from here we can open to how that refelcts in the design of our community, environment and systems to rebuild this connectivity back into the infrastructure and maintenance of our lives.

To establish a foundation of safety, natural alignment, trust and the environment for true collaborative restoration of human needs, rights and de-vested balanced creation of a verified community design and interbeing.

What can we trust? Can we trust? how do we verify safety? Can we establish safety?
In the space between what we know is a system that is disintegrating and needing to give birth to a successor that can learn from where we are and how we got here and what happens when you know it’s time to start afresh, questions, listening, humility and developing the ability to be ok with uncertainty/not knowing are natural states to cultivate. There may be answers to questions and these will lead to more questions as exploration seeks the new seed that is needed to sow confidence in what we have yet to collaboratively establish to be able to grow such a seed with trust, awareness and confidence. 

Who is we? Is there a we?
to move forward we need a we - how do we re-establish a unified agreement that a representative we can agree on?

NB See the Develop section for specifics (about to have a major update 28/12/20) 


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