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Friday, November 24, 2017



The GINi project emerges from a natural response and evolution to where humanity has arrived at this time that is occurring all over the planet.
Like many others we recognize that fundamental change can only really take place first from a recognition that it starts from the inside, that it recognizes that nature is the first law and that love is the basis for a sane and sustainable civilization.

We are creating a field of enquiry, exploration and facilitation that enables the ability to release old forms, seeks solutions that work for everyone, values life enough to realizes if we are sane, we don't destroy that on which we depend to survive, listens to what is being born on the planet at this time and establishes a foundation for collabortion between all aligned individuals, organizations and governments that value life, nature and the rights of all sentient beings to exist and thrive with the life they were given to on this planet in peace, security, health, prosperity, joy and freedom from interference.

The essential health of a person, a community, a society and a planet starts on a foundation of basic needs being met. The appearance of homelessness, hunger, environmental destruction and grossly diverted resources are very obvious signs that something is wrong, that there is corruption in the model and it clearly needs to be fixed.

The tide has been turning for some time now if one was alert to notice. Now we arrive at a point where it is time to bring together the many global strands of intelligence and vision that have been established. That could be you?


The Gini website is always a work in progress, a place to jot down ideas and experiment with different approaches and ideas.  Until now, with just one dedicated member, collecting interesting articles and experimenting with structures, as in the Index, as well as collecting some links, videos, quotes etc has been the sum total of what has been presented.  Meanwhile much of the work has been going on inside.  Psychological development, learning to stay open and let go of what one thinks one knows and be prepared for new peices of the jigsaw to arrive are just some of the things going on in the background.  
The old order and the society that we accept either because we don't have the time to challenge it or don't know how, clings on despite the building chorus of voices and formulated solutions for change.  Meanwhile, those that have the unavoidable need and vision to offer better alternatives as well as those that have been so disinherited that they have nothing to lose, evolution continues apace and whatever does or does not appear on the surface, is brewing away in the background, that is sure.

It is not easy to present the core and scope of GINI in a website and with limited presentational skills but nvertheless, it does all move forward and assimilate itself regardless.
So, the very next job here is to present an overview of the internal projects of GINI and then link to a dedicated page here these will be expanded and explained.  Second to that will be proposals to move forward to specific action stage and the steps and personnel needed to bring that about.  It's all an expereiment and where it goes somewaht depends on who gets involved. 




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