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Monday, February 18, 2019


There are still many that continue to believe that solutions will come from infinite cycles of polarised politics despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Successive generations of groupthink have absorbed ideas and prescription that derive from vested interest protected by the silver tongues of politicians, partisan media and dishonest corporations. We, as a whole, continue to be routinely mesmerised by this toxic cocktail, accepting so much of the daily promised land that is always just around the next corner and the cherry picked statistics that 'prove' the speaker is 'right' and those that are experiencing otherwise must be 'wrong'.
As these techniques are now showing increasing signs of over use fatigue people will have to decide between continuing to follow the lead of people who don't themselves understand the increasing complexities of a modern world and the emerging tide of fresh perspectives, vision and solutions that those that cling desperately to the past resist because they fear they will lose out.
New systems of thinking and internal development require less leaders and more real collaboration and genuine democracy. As the tools of mass hypnosis have become ever more sophisticated and facilitate ever more efficiently the funnelling of resources from those that simply have to meet their basic needs up to those that more than they will ever be able to use, so it becomes clear that something very central has failed and that it is now time to chart a course in a very new and intelliigent direction. GiNi is aware that there are solutions and that they are, all that we need and more, we just need to realise it and begin to build an infrastructure to channel them.


We observe the combative and competitive approach that is so prevalent at all levels of our society and world as being overly seperative and consequently unable to successfully produce enough collaboration within our systems to be able to manage the emergent problems.

Combative and vested interest systems waste vast amounts of energy on conflict and defending their side while constantly fuelling the representatives of those that are not being considered or valued who will eventually return to power and undo many things that have been established, and so on ad infinitum.  The deprivation of the needs of anyone will ultimately create a problem for everyone in one way or another so why not collaborate and make sure that people's basic needs beig met will create a strong foundation for the whole community.
The simple equation of 'needs met = energy available' is a foundation of common sense for healthy individuals which are needed to create healthy community that creates a healthy nation.  Depriving people of the human right to a home, good nutrition, easy access to health services and engagement in society doing what they are good at is an extremely odd approach and we believe that humanity as a whole is waking up, including those that administer these antiquated and utterly misguided approaches.

We are working to understand the current state of our society with a diverse collaborative approach (that we call 'collaborative intelligence) and look at what prevents solutions and the solutions that could be used.

Though GINI has been developing for some time, it's focus until recently has been building an internal integrity, gathering information and discussing directions and objectives.
We are now initiating our first major project and are looking for (free) office space in London to be able to initiate and evolve this initiative.  In line with our foundation an emphasis on basic needs our first project is on HOUSING.   We are researching, understanding, collaborating, developing and focused on solutions through collaboration.
Watch this space for updates and a whole new section that will present the project, goals and needs.


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