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Monday, February 18, 2019

GINI : the Good Ideas Network Initiative is a project studying personal/community psychology and human management systems from a collaborative and "solution" based point of view. 
We are working from a premise that to have external solutions and integrity we need to also be taking care of, understanding and developing our internal space, developing the resilience and courage to be able to admit that all the unnecessary suffering and ugliness in the world might even be our own responsibility? and that the sheer volume of things that many of us do to numb ourselves may be an indication of this.
What if we could learn to communicate sustainably, reconnect with all that is within and without us (however uncomfortable), develop grass roots solutions for our challenges and problems and plant the seeds of innovative initiatives to build community and society through collaborative intelligence.
If we want to see radical and sustainable change on the outside, we think it is necessary to question and evolve where our ideas and behaviour originate from on the inside and redesign from the ground up.


These basic defining principles and areas of exploration are, like many things in this project, evolving. This is the nature of emerging, pioneering consciousness and collaborative intelligence, the nature of which is unfolding and being clarified as more beings participate. We have key pieces of the jigsaw and the rest will arrive when they are required, or so we have found.

These are also focus and starting points for discussion, development and clarification.  Evolution is inevitable.


The GINI website is a collaborative project that is experimental, evolving and focusing primarily on structure.  Volunteers needed and welcome!


T +44 778 795 7021

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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