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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

GINI : the Good Ideas Network Initiative is a project studying what is occurring on planet Earth during a time of a depth of change and psychological chaos that has the potential to destroy human existence as we know it or initiate an evolutionary quantum leap, or both.

We see the combative and competitive approach as having had a go at managing the planet and shown that it, as the only model in use it is extremely wastful and inefficient, creates extreme surplus for a minority while causing intense deprivation for most, but chiefly the poorest and uses at least half of availble energy creating conflict between imagined sides, while ignoring the huge cost of deprivation, stress and associated crime.

We believe that understanding basic needs and the simple equation of 'needs met = energy available' is a foundation of common sense for healthy individuals which are needed to create healthy community that creates a healthy nation.  Depriving people of the human right to a home, good nutrition, easy access to health services and engagement in society doing what they are good at is an extremely odd approach and we believe that humanity as a whole is waking up, including those that administer these antiquated and utterly misguided approaches.

We are working to understand the current state of our society with a diverse collaborative approach (that we call 'collaborative intelligence) and look at what prevents solutions and the solutions that could be used.

These basic defining principles and areas of exploration are, like many things in this project, evolving. This is the nature of emerging, pioneering consciousness and collaborative intelligence, the nature of which is unfolding and being clarified as more beings participate. We have key pieces of the jigsaw and the rest will arrive when they are required, or so we have found.

These are also focus and starting points for discussion, development and clarification.  Evolution is inevitable.


Where is the project this week? How is it changing? what new ideas are emerging? and so much more that we know and do not know ...


The GINI website is a collaborative project that is experimental, evolving and focusing primarily on structure.  Volunteers needed and welcome!


T +44 778 795 7021

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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