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Friday, November 24, 2017
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Home is an essential need. Home is the physical location where our body, mind and soul resides, regenerates and from where we are abe to come out into the world with the energy to live and participate and return to for shelter, warmth, safety and sleep.

We think that a person's health, security, sense of community and ability to participate fully and effectively in the workplace and society is based on the quality and sense of haven and peace in their home.


We suggest that using the phrase 'housing market' precisely demonstrates an endemic problem in how we have come to think about housing.  How we have forgotten how housing came to be a 'commodity' rather than an essential need and how we all suffer endlessly and needlessly as a result, regardess of whether we have a home or not, though obviously, far more so if we don't have one at all or if we experience stress in the process of trying to procure and maintian a home.
We suggest it is time for a collaborative discussion on what it is that we really need to re-boot a foundation of a safe, healthy and productive society and how that starts at the basic need level, first with housing/home and then with food, relationships and community.
We suggest that homelessness should be against the law, not for those that suffer fom it, but for those that allow it.  

It is baffling, and needs to be understood, as to why homelessness and poverty do not appear to serve anyone's interest be they poor or rich and yet are accepted and largely ignored.


We are aware that society and it's complex approach to economic structure accets an extraordinary systemic reality that on the one hands disusses the problem and shortage of housing while on the other hand promotes housing as a market that is considered to be healthy when prices are going up, which they are gauranteed to do when there is a shortage of housing.  How are these two situations being managed in a way that can work for everyone

We are also aware that there are increasing initiatives in the USA and Canada that are beginning to grasp this issue and solve at least the basic foundation of it.  

(see Canadian City Completely Eradicates Homelessness With Brand New Approach
Utah is ending homelessness by giving people homes)


Regaining an understanding of the essential need and right of home.*

The health of the individual that derives from a fulfilled sense of home that then largely contributes to the health of a society.

Affordable accommodation: de-marketizing housing. Radical and urgent serious attention to a problem, if not a scandal, that simply should not be tolerated, period.



Land/Housing Project/Affordable Homes
Understanding and Solving homelessness.(and the threat of)

“The financial crisis we are facing today arises from the fact that there is almost no more social, cultural, natural, and spiritual capital left to convert into money.”  Charles Eisentstein



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