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These basic defining principles and areas of exploration are, like many things in this project, evolving. This is the nature of emerging, pioneering consciousness and collaborative intelligence, the nature of which is unfolding and being clarified as more beings participate. We have key pieces of the jigsaw and the rest will arrive when they are required, or so we have found.

These are also focus and starting points for discussion, development and clarification.  Evolution is inevitable.


Natural Alignment

Nature provides our needs. But over time our race has made decisions that have created a separation with that which gives and sustains life.
Aligning with nature, we contend, is essential for our well being and our survival.  We intend to explore where and how humanity has disconnected and look at solutions to reconnect.

Human Givens is an approach that describes very well what our basic needs are and why the maintenance, as a given, is necessary for the health of the individual and therefore the whole community.

This is not an issue of welfare or socialism, this is an issue of birthright and essential needs.

Care & Development

Nature is a network of interconnectedness and through understanding the needs of and caring for the individual as as a new and powerful unique addition to the existing community, we could learn to facilitate a developing environment that both understands unique needs as well as evolve a community that can receive and value the person.

While we are busy competing and striving for our needs in a competitive economic system that is addicted to 'growth', profit and requires millions of low paid workers to service it's ever expanding needs, we could be instead supporting people to be what they do best and prospering at every level.

We explore the natural economics of human interconnectedness and interdependence and looking at value from a much wider perspective than just money and meaningless work.


Holistic Health

Understanding what we are, who we are and how we can make sure we support and optimize our abilities is a foundation of health in the body, mind and spirit.

Education that is person focused and geared toward empowering individuals to be able to make the best use of everything they are born with is also likely to be a foundation in physical, mental, emotional, mental and societal health.  There is an assumption that (addiction to) material goods is 'normal', where did that arise? and how does it relate to available resources and emotional and mental health?

We believe that the consequences of beliefs, divide & rule systems and disinheritance of the majority of people leaves deep strands of trauma at a time when trauma psychology is coming of age.  We have excellent solutions to our problems.

As a community grows in accordance with what nature intended, so could the understanding of the potential that we have and the health that is essential as it's foundation.


Listening & Awareness

We have learned to act, to know, to accept, to obey, but when did we ever experience listening not just to what we are being told, only repeating unconsciously that which only others have imagined, but to what what comes from inside, given a nurturing of trust that in fact we can rely on our own sense of direction once we feel supported and empowered as individuals rather than fashioned in the image of those that would have us only listen to them, for their own vested interest.


Collaborative Intelligence

As a race we are so familiar with competition, the use of force and manipulation and conditioning to believe the world is made in this way and the road to success is through obedience or conformity with this model that relies on division and the strongest survive.

To co-operate, create networks of collaborative intelligence and build a world that starts with teaching everyone to be individual and participate from their strongest motivation, creates structures that are mutually supporting and integral, much like a successful corporation but instead with a goal to make it work for everyone as well as striving to make sure everyone is valued, supported and educated to their greatest potential in order to create a global community of collaborative intelligence working both for the needs of the individual and the collective and able to make use of the power of all of it's combined intelligence at any time and for any need.


Optimal Pathways

In a natural alignment, instinct is cherished and nurtured, needs are expressed and met, development within a context of listening, respect, caring allows learning and understanding and creates a foundation of health at all levels.  The emerging individual meets the world having been listened and responded to can now do the same and  is able to collaborate within a similarly co-operative organism and through creative partnership optimum pathways can be navigated and evolved to expand the human sphere of existence and having started out in natural alignment continue to depend on nature as the source of life, knowledge and evolution.
"evolution by design" ... community has a chance to become established with a foundation of integrity, resilience and a responsive and evolving structure that is made of the sum of its empowered and collaborative parts and not dictated by disconnected systems of imposition and alienation.



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