GINI, the Good Ideas Network Initiative is a multi-level project based on focalising collaboration for meaningful change. We suggest that by understanding the depth and extent of what we have lost and sorely need within ourselves, when regained translates into what we have lost and need to regain within out community, society and planet.
Until we are able to access and express our unique individuality and intelligence we hand over our individual soveriegnty and empowerment to others who inherit a false sense of importance, knowledge and imagined authority and this imbalance and minoritising of available intelligence and control of resources completely loses sight of what is actually possible when our shared intelligence and resources are collaborative and used for the benefit of all.

Collaborative intelligence when it is focused to the benefit of all, and managed from a ground up persepctive, opens to a networked flow of connecting ideas, intelligence and established projects, local and global, that feed into each other and have the obvious benefit and potential to move ever toward using only good ideas and letting go of bad or ineffective ones.
When the idea for this project first arose in the 1990's it seemed too obvious. Surely the 'civilised' and highly sophisiticated modern world we live in together with the significant intellectal power and levels of education had already found ways to harness the collaborative epower of intelligence and use it for the benefit of all, in order be able to constantly increase the quality of life and resourced empowerment of everyone in a constantly expanding spiral of universally beneficial and more fully informed intelligence?
It seemed that this was not the case! And so we set out on the journey to discover why while simultaneously discovering that there are plentiful good ideas, intelligence and geniius everywhere frequently ignored or used for vested interest instead of the interests of all.

This project and all of it's proposed sub and aligned projects explores the roots of dysfunction, especially within psychological space/awareness and how systemic patterns and behaviour underpin problems that we experience from the insistence or unawareness of using bad ideas to the routine causation of untold surferring to people or the enslavement to seperation and aggression that ultimately leads to war and the staggering amounts of resources devoted into that realm.
Equally, it explores the solutions through understanding, experimental, pioneering and effective focus andprojects.
We consistently identify and conclude that the first most important component of healing, essential needs and building resourcefulness is home. And that home has a location on the inside in terms of how we feel and who we are connected to, and on the outside in terms of where we live, feel safe and connected to what is around us.
We contend that his absolute, essential and vital component of human need, resourcing and connectivity has become one of the most traded and undermined essential needs that consitute the foundation, health and empowerment of our entire society and we want be a part of changing that.

GINI believes that the essential and radical change that is needed to heal our imbalanced and un-collaborative (not very intelligent) sytems, internal and external, starts within our internal space, in our psychological patterning and complex legacy and where we believe there is undreamed of potential in every human being.

Understanding trauma, individual and collective, polyvagal theory and significant research/practise with transformative psychedelic process are just some of the areas that now exist to revolutionise our abilites to evolve both our inner psychology and collaborative empowerment.

We also understand that once the power of collaborative intelligence starts to become active, the addition of every new individual perspective evolves and continually changes and updates the whole community.

The more empowered perspectives, the more perspective is available to everyone.
We understand that there is a vital symbiotic relationship between the empowered individual and the empowered community. That an entirely new story and functioning system is perfectly possible when we can understand how a healthy relationship between healthy individual and healthy community can be re-established.

With essential skills and an evolving new story, we seek to build linked micro communities that can become part of a foundation of a totally new approach to provision of essential needs, creativity and resilient community that is able to become more and more empowered through the healing of it's members and the increasing power of collaborative intelligence.
In order to understand and develop the radical and sytemic change that is needed to establish a new story that is genuinely able to rebuild and maintain the sustainable and effective connectivity that is required for true collaborative intelligence we do understand that we need to access the best minds, ideas and successful projects on the planet and that bring together as an accessible resource for all of us that believ change is possible; as long as we use the best and most perceptive that is available.

Good Ideas

GINI originally came into being with a simple question.
"If we use good ideas instead of bad ideas we could begin to solve the problems created by bad ideas and all live within a fully functional society/world".
However, what is a good idea? What is a good idea for one may be believed to be a bad idea for another.

We start from the premise that everyone has a right to be here, everyone has a right to a fair share of the resources provided by nature and everyone has a right not to be harmed, and to not harm, others. A good idea, therefore, is one that is good for everyone within these shared premises.
There are significant many who would not share these premises, for various reasons, and while we acknowledge that to be so, we are proposing that the inability for people to be able to share good ideas that lie within the realm of essential needs points to a significant and diagnosable sickness in society/humanity.

The Good Ideas Network Initiative is a project to explore this and create initiatives to rebuild a connective foundation within which it is possible to rebuild the essential connectivity to collaborate intelligently and effectively and give ourselves the chance to build community that aligns with everyone's needs and the nature that provides the essential components that support continuing life.

Collaborative Intelligence

Collaborative Intelligence is essentially the utilisation of all available intelligence in a way that all participants are able to resource the whole of participants.
From a GINI perspective we are also focusing this Collaborative intelligence toward how our whole group of participants can both benefit each other while preserving the nature and environment that supports our life, health and interconnected living community.

Within a hierarchical system where the resources and the power are systematically channeled up the hierarchy, intelligence is assumed, compartmentalised and focused from a minority.

While this may work well for amassing wealth, power and control and commanding a workforce or military that will do all of the manual work and dying (imagine how much intelligence, talent and geniius is lost through the slaughter of young people in wars?), it also creates disconnected intelligence and endless waves of problems as a result of the disconnection, significant stress and lack of the power of collaborative intelligence required to create a flow of essential connectivity between all of the elements of a society and a world.


It seems an obviously good idea (to GINI) that ensuring everyone's essential needs are fully met not only creates resourced, calm, connected and productive individuals of our society but also healthy, more fulfilled, less prone to crime and able to be secure, creative and proud of their secure homes and neighbourhoods.

Just what are the inbuilt perspectives within our society and system that so efficiently prevent this from happening? Instead there is a mysterious acceptance of homlessness, home stress, psychological stress, economic stress, environmental stress, crime, violence and fragmented and dysfunctional communities as a result of deprivation of essential needs.

Fully Functional Psychology

Given that all perceptions, responses and ideas come from our mental/emotional/survival inner psychology, one might expect that our parenting, educational and govermental systems would have a well grounded and scientific understanding in what helps nurture and produce the most fulfilled, intelligent, caring and productive individuals and consequently build commubnity and society that contains and maintains the qualities of it's resourced participants.
And although understanding of the mind, of trauma, stress, relational psychology and social psychology has moved forward with all other branches of science, this area of human health, performance and potential struggles to influence the mainstream even as it is at the root of all human behaviour and potential to systematically and radically change.

We are exploring, studying and working with the key areas of psychological tools: polyvagal theory, IFS, neuroscience and trauma informed practises and contend that radical healing and development of our inner spaces is the front line of effective human change, solutions and reconnection to the essential power of collaborative intelligence.


Building/rebuilding community that recognises the imortance of an integrated and resilient psychological foundation is a key to how this project evolves a new story of relational connectivity, indiviidual empowerment and collaborative intelligence.

This project presents a foundation of ideas, perspectives and central themes but the nature of collaborative intelligence together with the contrived and generationally ingrained projections of authority and disempowerment that shape our ideas of identity and status requires significant understanding and transformation if we are to create a functioning new story that is able to move on from the systemic division within ourselves and by extension within any community we create.

Re-empowering individuals in alignment with trauma informed psychology and understanding of polyvagal theory is based on rebuilding a foundation of safety and awareness of the effects of individual and collective trauma.
If we are able to truly meet everything that resides inside us then we can truly reconnect with ourselves and each other.
We are begining to put together suggestions and plans for how this will start and move forward.
Anyone interested can get in touch and find ouit more about where we are with this. More will be added here in due course.

Focus & Projects

The focus of GINI at this time is to explore and begin to establish micro communities able to concentrate in relevant areas but also able to network, interact and work with each other.
The two primary areas right now that we seek to establish are firstly, laying a sound psychological foundation of safety, individual empowerment and genuine connectivity and secondly, exploring ideas to establish the groundwork for physical spaces that can contain various forms of micro community projects from group work to community living.
The shape of GINI as a growing and increasingly functional entity relies on the quality and connectivity of it's own micro communities and the links it makes to as many sources of aligned intelligence and projects that exist.
We are building a network of good ideas that's essential purpose is to channel all available intelligence to all particpants so that everyone and every area is able to evolve and mutually benefit.

The GiNi website is transforming; the expanded version will return in the coming months