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GINI : the Good Ideas Network Initiative is a project studying personal/community psychology and human management systems from a collaborative and "solution" based point of view. 
We are working from a premise that to have external solutions and integrity we need to also be taking care of, understanding and developing our internal space which also means addressing and understanding imbalance/balance between Male/Female, Action/Listening, Extrovert/Introvert, Old/Young, Individual/Community etc. and that generations of bias have created not just unimaginable suffering and inequality but effectively cut off vital aspects of resources, intelligence and understanding of how things actually work optimally.

We see an essential entry point into understanding this through looking at the most basic and fundamental of human resources. Needs.  
If needs are not met imbalance, deprivation, suffering are obvious consequences.  But in addition to these people do not function optimally and inevitably community and society do not either. And yet the planet naturally and abundantly provides all our needs precisely so that we can function and participate optimally both as individuals and also participants in what is designed to be a collaborative network of shared intelligence.
How have these natural resources become abundantly available for some sections of the community and increasingly unaffordable for so many others?

GINI is a multi layered initiative based in ideas that both resources and solutions to so many of the endemic problems we are experiencing in our society are available but for imbalanced attitudes and vested interests that will themselves become compromised and gradually irrelevant in the face of the inevitable change that is already occurring and we feel is a natural consequence of cycles of experience that will always bring us back to awareness and whatever it is we have to learn within the dance of imbalance to balance again.

If we want to see radical and sustainable change on the outside, we think it is necessary to question and evolve where our ideas and behaviour originate from on the inside, relearn how to resiliently collaborate and redesign from the ground up.

"In a world of scarcity only the dominant experience abundance"  Charles Eisenstein



The foundation and development of GINI has been a long and often unpredictable process.  This website has been largely an experimental space for working with ideas and evolving structure and as such has not been advertised or circulated to any extent.   
This is because the research and development has been largely internal.
Understanding issues and developing the basics of communicating and developing collaborative working models, identifying key foundational structures and observing over time how key issues in our world community are being managed.
Secondly.  This is a collaborative project and what has happened to date has all been about establishing a foundation for collaborative integrity, understanding and a depth of clarity that can be transmitted to others.

Should you have arrived here and are reading this, it may be that you have an interest in joining in the discussion and potentially collaborating with the project.
It is unfolding as it needs to in the time and with the depth of clarity and understanding that is required in any pioneering journey.

The discussion is about how we rebuild our sovereign empowerment as individuals, how we build community and preserve our individual needs, how we reclaim our inheritance as sovereign human beings in relation to home and dominion and also connection and collaborative and co-operative intelligence and economics.
We believe there is a natural rebalancing occurring globally, hence the re-empowerment of the female, the oppressed and a deepening understanding and respect of nature, expanding awareness and internal healing.
Simultaneously, polarisation, uncovering of corruption, violence and authoritarianism are being accentuated and this may well increase more and more as the balance changes and the habitual imbalance of the past that supported a normalised employment of force as a tool of manipulation (instead of discussion and co-operation) no longer is there to support the old and passing paradigm.

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