GINI, the Good Ideas Network Initiative, is essentially about good ideas, how we source and on what basis we trust information that becomes the basis of what we do, how we perceive 'reality' and shape our lives, relate to one another and to nature.

GINI is a both a vision of what we are capable of and an exploration and collaboration of available intelligence to get there.

From a perspective vv of natural balance, the world is imbalanced in favour of action frequently at the expense of being. Outer achievement is prioritised regardless of stress incurred or the impact on community and the nature. The fallout from this imbalance is not only more and more tangible but increasing as technology, itself a major form of outer to inner imbalance when it becomes obsessive and addictive, facilitates more separation from what actually fulfils us, connection.
When we relearn that our quality of being translates to a quality of doing priorities shift and our needs, our access to resources, the quality of relating to self, other and the collective become an essential individual and societal foundation.
GINI has developed a foundation of perspective, identified skills and understanding and an open source approach to intelligence. Beyond that essential and simple framework, we open to individuals who want to collaborate, inter-resource and develop individual and collective potential and allow what arises to do so.
This is the new front line of evolution, a revolution in education, psychology and consciousness.
We have the skills and intelligence that expands exponentially when it can collaborate. 

There are a number of proposed projects but this is an initiative that is non prescriptive and so will take the direction of the skills and passions of it's participants.




The foundation of this project is built on a developmental
journey that starts looks at our relationship to needs and perspectives of empowerment that will rewrite how we view our true potential, our relationship to ourselves and each other and our interaction with nature.
Theoretically most people understand the basics of needs; nourishment equals health and deprivation equals stress, discomfort and loss.  
However much we may nurture ourselves as individuals, we live within a collective environment that is routinely compromised and attuned to DOING, at the expense of BEING.  

We are remembering that; The quality of our being informs the quality of our doing.

To be in being requires being with ourselves, being comfortable, secure, confident, respected, engaged, loved.
Doing is a vital part of life, and, needs to relate and support Being.

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